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Member Benefits of Momentum Business Networking

Momentum Business Networking wants to offer you every advantage possible to grow your business and your expertise.  Below are just a few of the potential benefits of becoming a member.

  • Member Benefits of Momentum Business NetworkingThe Momentum™ that is built-in to all our business networking chapters
  • New business opportunities resulting from Quality Business Referrals
  • Boost To Your Marketing Efforts through contacts, sharing, presentations, and feedback
  • Education and Skills Development
  • Speaking Opportunities provided to educate others about your industry
  • Opportunities to Build Strong Professional Bonds With Peers
  • Gain Exclusive Representation for your industry
  • Quick Access To Solutions for your business through peer support
  • Gain Confidence through practice in pitching your product and learning what
    works and what doesn’t
  • Expand Your Approval-Rating through word-of-mouth by other members
  • Reasonable Cost - $35 a month*
  • Potential Free Membership - sponsor three new members and you won’t be billed for your membership as long as they are active members
  • Exclusive Representation in Two Categories - lock-out a second complimenting category**
  • Weekly Meetings to keep your networking benefits active

Finally, as you become an active member in one of our groups, you will be part of a special dynamic that exists only in your group among the unique individuals who have been drawn together.  By contributing your own expertise to others in your chapter, you will be part of a give-and-take experience that creates momentum for everyone.  When like-minded individuals support each other, the energy released is tremendous!





*Annual commitment required.  **Additional fee.



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